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Supplemental insurance


Filling in the Gaps

We also offer additional programs to cover issues that might develop.  For instance, heart attack and stroke, cancer, accident coverage, as well as dental and vision.  These programs come to a family’s need for cash when an emergency occurs.  Prescription plans are also available.

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Vision test

Individual or family plans are available to cover vision exams and eye wear.


Pick your plan and get a free quote now!

Dental Exam illustration 2

Dental coverage is available on an individual or family basis.  Preventive care is covered immediately and pays 100%.  However, other procedures require an identified waiting period and pay 50% to  80% of the total cost.

Heart Attack / Stroke

Heart attack illustration

This is a product that makes a cash payment to the policy owner for any diagnosis of heart attack or stroke.  

Cancer Policy


This is a policy which makes a cash payment to the policy owner who has received a cancer diagnosis and/or treatment.


Disability Coverage 2

Disability is a cash policy that pays an individual who is unable to work due to sickness or illness.  It can provide income for up to 6 months.

Accidental Death & Dismemberment


Accidental death pays a one-time, cash benefit to the beneficiary.  A dismemberment policy  pays a one-time, cash benefit to the policy holder depending on loss.

Hospital Indemnity

Surgery illustration

A hospital indemnity policy pays a cash benefit to the policy owner for being admitted to the hospital.  The benefit is based on the number of days in the hospital and the types of procedures performed during the hospital stay. 


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