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Health Insurance


Can I be sure ALL my healthcare needs are covered?

One of the major concerns within the insurance industry is over health insurance.  Families need to be assured that if there is an illness, their health insurance will cover their needs.  The price for comprehensive medical coverage is too high for the average family.  The only way to control costs is with the deductible amount and with the coinsurance amount.  It is for this reason that families need to look at their personal needs.  Shopping for affordable health insurance programs is what we do.

For instance, a family may be on group health insurance through an employer.  If there is a change in employment status, or they retire, there may be a need for an individual policy to get everyone in the transition to Medicare at 65.  With that in mind, we can now quote individual policy coverage, to meet that need.

Group insurance for employers can also be quoted for business owners.  In a group policy, all employees in the group have the same benefits, whereas individual policies are designed to meet individual needs.

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Medicare Insurance

Medicare is a government healthcare program.  It  is designed for people age 65 and older and for people with certain disabilities younger than 65.  Retiring early does not make a person eligible for Medicare coverage.

The only ways to be eligible for Medicare before age 65 is to have:

Many people may not know that:

Medicare Advantage

These plans are designated as Part C programs with Medicare.  To be eligible for these programs you must have Medicare Parts A and B coverage.  These plans have a low monthly premium with additional benefits.  Co-pays to see doctors are at a fixed minimum cost.  Benefits that original Medicare doesn’t cover are covered, such as dental, vision, and hearing aids.  One great benefit is the prescription drug coverage, also in this program.  Many of our clients favor this option.

Prescription Drug

If you decide on a Medicare Supplement program, you can get a separate drug plan at an additional cost.  The Medicare Advantage program has a prescription card included in its plan at no additional cost.  You make the decision on which program best suits your healthcare needs.

Medicare Supplement

A Medicare Supplement helps you pay the out-of-pocket costs, like co-payments, co-insurance payments, as well as deductibles.  The Medicare Supplement plans have a monthly premium that can go up based on age.  Also, most clients have to get Part D programs to cover prescription costs.  Medicare Supplement plans are offered through private companies, contracted with Medicare, as well as Part D plans.

Individual and Group Coverage


One in a crowd stands out

We offer competitively priced, individual health insurance for an individual or a family. 


Group under umbrella

If there is a need for health insurance, quotes are given on a group rate to an employer.


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