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Home & commercial

Home and Commercial

How do I protect my home and commercial buildings?

Your home or business is your biggest asset and needs to be protected against injury or loss of this valuable asset.  We’re here to help you protect your valuable possessions.  Homeowners insurance is required by your mortgage lender because it protects your lender’s investment from loss or damage caused by risks like a fire or vandalism.  The amount of homeowner’s coverage you have typically depends on the amount of your mortgage.  But long after your home is paid for — you still need coverage for the same reasons so you can replace your loss with a minimum amount out-of-pocket.

The same applies to your business.  If your business is lost due to fire — you could lose all your customer information and possibly be out of business!  We don’t want that to happen!  In the case of a business, you have a huge investment in technology and equipment.  Protect it today!

Renters often have more value in their possessions than they realize.  If your rental unit were to burn, you don’t need to be without furniture and other assets and have to pay for them out-of-pocket.  We have excellent plans at very affordable rates to cover you while you rent.

Homeowners Insurance


All homeowners that have a mortgage are required to have homeowners insurance.  We have a number of companies that we can quote to provide you with the best coverage at the best price.

Commercial Buildings

Commercial Insurance

Insurance on a commercial building protects the business owner from loss that might occur from natural disaster, fire, or theft.  We are qualified to quote from a number of companies who specialize in commercial business owners policies.  Because of this, we can provide the best coverage at the best price. 

Fire and Contents Coverage

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We have insurance policies that cover the contents of a home or mobile home in case of fire loss, smoke damage, or burglary.  This policy is also used to cover contents for renters under the same conditions.


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